How to make the perfect white rice
Perfect Fluffy Rice. Here in Brazil we are used to eating white rice almost every day. The white rice is part of our most famous combo: white rice and black beans. Anywhere we go, from north to south, it is common to find that combo in restaurants and in any house.

Despite of its popularity, not everyone knows how to cook the perfect white rice. I mean the one which is tasteful and not too sticky. To be perfect, white rice must have loose grains. At the same time, grains must not be too hard. These grains should have be in between a degree of softness and hardness. In other words, not too soft and not too hard.

I learnt how to cook white rice with my mom. She cooked wonderfully, but, you know, there is no glamour in everyday cooking. So, her rice was according to her mood. There were days that she needed to add more water and wait longer to cook. In other days, her white rice was so perfect that I used to eat it without any side dish. I can't remember how many times I asked her how I was supposed to cook rice. I mean I like to know the measures, so I can know what I am dealing with. But, like many other recipes my mom made, she didn't have measures. She said she followed her heart.

Some years later, my dad told me how to prepare the famous perfect white rice. Yeah, my dad is a man of numbers, so I guess for this reason he had all the measurements for the dishes he made. From that day until now, I know how to prepare a nice white rice. And now I'm sharing with you how it is.

These tips will help you to prepare any dish that requires a loosen white rice. So, it won't work for sushis or risottos.

So, here it is!

The perfect white rice has many variations. You can also use spices, tomatoes, parsley, shrimps, etc.

1) For each cup of white rice you use, you will need to double the amount of water. For example: 1 cup of raw white rice will require two cups of water.

2) Choose the flavour you want for your white rice. It is okay to cook without any spice or herbs. You can also mince a clove of garlic or chop a small onion and add to it.

3) Fry the white rice using vegetable oil, olive oil or even butter {add some salt}. For each cup of raw white rice, you may use 1 tablespoon of oil or fat. If you are using minced garlic or chopped onion, you must fry them first {fry until golden} then add white rice. Cook until the white rice gets a lighter white. Stir to cook evenly.

4) Meanwhile, boil water in another sauce pan. The boiling water will cook the white rice faster and evenly. This will prevent that some grains of the white rice get hard after the cooking process.

5) Pour the boling water into the sauce pan where the white rice was fried.

6) Cook until the whole water is evaporated.

Extra tips: if you will add spices or herbs, you must drop them into the boiling water. This will give the taste to the white rice. If you are using any meat {chicken, bacon, sausage, shrimp, etc.}, you must fry the meat first, drain the fat {if there will be any}. Then, add the meat to the white rice before to pour the boling water. These tips were collected in different moments. Some of them I got paying attention to my mom while she cooked. Some of them I got from my dad, specially concerning to the measuring thing.